Argentinian electronic music label ZZK has had its foot in the door of American dance music since its inception in 2006, when it rose up from the dance floors of Buenos Aires. Born from the Zizek Club nights at the Buenos Aires hotspot Club Niceto, ZZK has put artists on stage at SXSW, New York’s Summer Stage and Coachella. Now, the label has “formalized a worldwide relationship” with Waxploitation (Does that mean they’re Facebook official?). Waxploitation, the company that developed artists like Gnarls Barkley and Broken Bells, will begin distributing ZZK releases on December 3 with Super Guachin’s EP Piratas Y Fichines.
Check out the new ZZK/Waxploitation mix streaming below:
WAXPLOITATION + ZZK. Selections. by Waxploitation Artists