Zola Jesus has joined forces with JG Thirlwell for a collaborative album, which brings Jesus’s ethereal opera further into the 21st century. Entitled Versions, the album “[takes] approximations from past records and [turns] them inside out,” according to Nika Roza Danilova (aka Ms. Jesus). It sounds like an interesting concept and given how well the pair’s previous performance at the Guggenheim went, there is no reason to worry. The album is set for release on August 19 via Sacred Bones and will consist of 10 songs including a bonus track, “Avalanche.” For those who missed the show this will be a welcome addition to her discography.
In many ways this is a match made in avant-pop heaven. Jesus came to prominence in 2009 with the gritty The Spoils, which featured songs like “Clay Bodies” that showed Jesus’s fascination with garage rock and sparse electronics. Many of her songs appropriate sounds and textures found in the left field and noise worlds, but mesh them together in a way that is just a tinge more approachable. On the other side, there’s JG Thirlwell, who has worked on the fringes of various scenes and genres since the late ’70s, experimenting with New Wave and industrial in groups such as Wiseblood and Freq Out Orchestra. Listen to Jesus’s “In Your Nature” below.

Tracklist For Versions:
01. Avalance (Slow)
02. Fall Back
03. Hikikomori
04. Run Me Out
05. Seekir
06. Sea Talk
07. Night
08. In Your Nature
09. Collapse
10. Avalanche [Bonus]