Zambri is the New York-based duo of Cristi Jo and Jessica Zambri, and together these sisters mix pop, avant-garde and electronic music to create abstract pop sounds. On House Of Baasa, Zambri’s debut LP, opener “All You Maybes” positions the softness of their voices against thundering drums, metal clanks and synths, setting up the tormented-dream, Snow-White-in-the-haunted-woods quality of the album.
The Zambris play with range on House Of Baasa, exploring the highs and lows of their vocals on “ICBYS” and of love on “Hundred Hearts.” “I have a hundred hearts for you/You keep throwing them out/I keep giving them back,” they sing. The broken heart thing pops up a few times on this album, but House of Baasa isn’t all about tear-jerk love; the Zambris also talk about the decent parts. In “From The Starts,” they sing about the act of falling in love, as the drums build and the beat starts to resemble a heartbeat. In “Places,” the playfulness of the synth juxtaposes the semi-somber lyrics about what seems like a peaceful breakup: “We’ll go all of the places we said we would.” The title for House Of Baasa, comes from a biblical tale in which a servant kills his master and then a week later commits suicide. The story is a mix of glee and despair, and it fits with this album, a venture into the bliss and torment of matters of the head and the heart.