Last night CMJ was invited to attend a special performance showcasing the talents of Malaysian singer, Yuna. The event, which was held at the schmancy Lower East Side venue the Box (previous host to ‘surprise’ performances by Kanye and Kreayshawn, amongst others), was packed wall-to-wall, and at 9 p.m. sharp the curtain pulled back, and atop a wooden chair sat the lady of the evening. Adorned in a head wrap, jeans and leopard flats accompanied by nothing but a mic and a guitar, Yuna belted out her first song of the night over a much too chatty crowd.
On record Yuna’s voice is a tad bit sultry, and live her voice is reminiscent of a more concise Lykke Li and a hipper Taylor Swift. By the second song, Yuna had warmed the crowd up with the title track of her album Decorate, and after that she had no problem getting the audience to clap along to the upbeat love song “Rocket.”
As you watch Yuna perform, it’s easy to like her more and more. She’s adorable, her songs are catchy and after some work on her stage presence, she’ll be two seconds away from leaving her impact on the music industry. Word is that Yuna has been in the studio working closely with super-producer Pharrell, and her debut album is slated for February 2012.
Peep Yuna’s video for her single and Nirvana cover, “Come As You Are,” below.