Dance-floor-shattering beats are what Yuksek is known for, but after a hectic tour schedule that left the producer feeling alone and tired, Living On The Edge Of Time was born. Yuksek, whose real name is Pierre-Alexandre Busson, is the French electro DJ behind such club hits as “Tonight,” “Extraball” and “I Like To Play.” Yes, songs like “Sexy And I Know It” become bearable when mixed with a couple (or maybe a lot) of drinks, but sometimes dance music needs a little feeling, a little realness. That’s where Yuksek comes in, giving us dance songs that are more personal and actually show emotion.
The makings of electro songs are still in attendance in Living On The Edge Of Time, as they feature the typical synth, quick drum kick, a little reverb and even a bass drop here and there, but his lyrics, the guitar, the piano, the drumming and his voice are what stand out in the end. Yuksek’s voice is modulated and silvery, sometimes a little high pitched to match the peaks of the sound. Opener “Always On The Run” has an infectious beat and finger snapping, but a closer listen at the lyrics shows just how Yuksek felt while touring: rushed, always on the run, hoping for change like the line explains: “The things change, it’s not the same though.” This theme of loneliness, wanting to stay away, life rushing by too quickly, continues with tracks like “Off The Wall,” which is about finding another path, and “On A Train.”
The transitions between songs don’t always make sense as they go from heavy dance beats like “Say A Word,” to a slow glimmering track like “To See You Smile” to a pop track like “The Edge.” However, that is the beauty of listening to Living On The Edge Of Time: There is a track for everyone on here as the producer has spread himself to all edges.