Canadian based power-pop bands Library Voices and Yukon Blonde brought their distinct brand of apocalyptic young adult angst to Pianos Tuesday night. “This song is about the impending end of our life. Fairy dust and all that shit,” explained Library Voices guitarist Carl Johnson before blazing into “Party Like It’s 2012” off the group’s 2010 release, Denim On Denim.
The seven-piece chanted together, “We find happiness through happenstance.” If the world is coming to an end anytime soon, these guys are ready. After some humorous banter, the members of Library Voices wailed into their new 7″ single “Generation Handclap,” an upbeat surf rock ballad. Lots of “oh-oh-oh’s” and staccato guitar riffs stood in sharp contrast to the pessimistic lyrics: “Well, we stand for nothing, sugar, it’s just generation drunk-text/Gonna love you like a cherub, gonna leave you like a lap dance/Oh, you wanna save it, oh, you wanna save the world.”
Yukon Blonde took the stage in denim shirts and black skinny jeans. The group’s peppy music described simpler times and provided plenty of harmonies. Hippy girls in the front row danced as Jeff Innes sweetly belted out, “You spent your adolescence with pictures on your wall/You loved your idols baby, you them all.” Of course, he was singing “My Girl,” a stand-out track off the band’s latest release, Tiger Talk. Finger-snapping simplicity continued through the set as the band explored a variety of power-pop textures and sounds reminiscent of The Cars.
“This is the first time we have had more than just the sound guy at Pianos,” said Innes, taking in the crowded room and the full dance circle. The “oh-oh’s” make a cameo appearance again on the upbeat single, “Stairway.” Innes sang, “I’m wishing, I’m wishing I could be home right now.” Throaty cries form the audience for one more song were drowned out by the house music as the dance pit slowly peeled away into the dark reality of the bar.