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Wherein, as we run up to CMJ Music Marathon 2015, we shoot various participating Marathon artists the same eight questions and see what they have to say as they pack their back in fevered anticipation of this year’s fest.

Today’s participant is Norwegian fuzzy pop band, Level & Tyson.

Level & Tyson

Level & Tyson – Photo by Ina Maria

Describe your band in seven words or less.
Punk pop noise yeah! Is that seven?

Have you received much regional press where you live? If so, what’s the best and worst things said about your band?
We’ve gotten some love over the years. And some tough love. The Huffington Post called us “Refreshingly unique” after a show in San Francisco last year. Oh, that’s not regional, but a pretty nice one being the Huff and everything. The worst must have been a Norwegian critic that suggested we start to sing in Norwegian.

Is college radio an influence on your local scene?
The college radio here in Oslo isn’t super big, but they play great music. So I guess you could say their influence is tiny but good.

Have you played CMJ Music Marathon before? If so, how was it? If not, what are you expecting from playing it?
It’s our first time in New York! Don’t know what to expect to be honest. No less than total stardom? It would be lovely to bring the shit, maybe meet some good people and find some great new music.

Are there other bands playing CMJ this year that you’re looking forward to seeing?
Balthazar, Rejjie Snow, Wildhoney and loads of other bands. It’s gonna be awesome!

What else, non-musical, do you plan on doing in NYC while you’re here?
We’ll probably try to talk tiny record stores into selling our stuff, make bad tattoo choices, eat pizza and maybe take a stroll down punk rock/hip hop memory lane. See what’s going on down on 53rd and 3rd.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when you get back home?
We’re releasing our album Gruesome Twosome these days, so we’re going to continue the tour once we get over the jet lag. And we gotta keep on writing!

Anything random about the band you’d like to add?
We’re a pretty decent gang to hang around with, if we may say so ourselves. So hit us up if you’re feeling lonely in the big city!