Way before Timbaland and Diplo, there was South Asian fusion pioneer, Cheb I Sabbah. The San Francisco DJ, whose history spans back to playing Parisian clubs during the ’60s, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer and advised that he needed immediate treatment in order to survive for longer than a few months. However, Sabbah is without health insurance, and since his ailing physical condition forced him to cancel many of his live shows, he soon found himself in dire financial straights, being unable to pay for his snowballing medical bills.

Upon hearing the news, some of Sabbah’s close friends and fellow artists have started a fund to help get him the expensive treatment he needs. They are asking for those sympathetic to Sabbah’s situation to either donate or spread the word about the fund. “For those of us who can recount those ecstatic moments on his dance floors,” reads a statement on Sabbah’s website, “we know what a beautiful gift Sabbah has been to the world at large. This is our opportunity to give something back to Cheb I Sabbah in his time of need.”

At this time, the drive has already met its initial goal of $25,000, but the fund will remain open until August 15 in hopes of raising the additional $20,000 that Sabbah’s friends are seeking from private donors. Donate to the cause here.

More about the Algerian-born fusion DJ can be seen in the video below: