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Despite the sudden change of venue from Rough Trade NYC to Baby’s All Right, Williamsburg’s loyal music fiends showed up and jam-packed the halls of the new venue to watch Brooklyn dwellers Yellerkin and L.A.’s Young & Sick.
Bathed in purple and blue, Yellerkin set the precedent for the night as they seduced the crowd with their haunting vocals and ghostly harmonies. Bursts of electric cool colors swirled the halls as the band’s layered vocals—carried by a beat pad, bass, drum and even some banjo—loaded the room with moments of a sonorous intimacy between bandmates and the crowd.
In between sets, a nervousness clung to the air as the crowd began to grow impatient waiting for Young & Sick. A tight set for only their second show ever, Young & Sick lived up to the mountainous expectations of loyal fans with their spooky, sexy, driven sounds that slowly took on a form of their own throughout the night. Ears were filled with soulful, rhythmic blues, and Y&S’s set was nothing short of magnificent. Playing anticipated songs like House Of Spirits, Continuum, and Heartache Fetish, each track oozed with its own eerie, captivating and droning lyrical beauty that cloaked the hall with the characteristic smoothness of this trio.
At the tail of their set, the man behind the project, Nick (who originally grew up in Holland), came back out for a secret encore, closing out the night with a rhythm-and-bluesy track, Counting Raindrops. Indeed, Young & Sick have set the bar high for ushering in a new era of emotional electro-pop.