Hailing from the the Bay Area, psyched-out quintet Young Prisms slowly rips its way through its Kanine Records’ debut, Friends For Now. Wrapped in layers of reverb and nonchalance, the ten-track release steps in a more layered direction compared with the sunny distortion played out on its self-titled EP debut last year.

Young Prisms wrote the record while shacking up in San Francisco’s Mission District, living above a Chinese restaurant, marinating in MSG and writing and recording side-by-side. Those cramped quarters are palpable throughout Friends For Now—sprawling soundscapes stuffed into dense psychedelic cubbies, vocals drowning in sound and comprehensible lyrics surfacing for air every now and then.

Its first cut, garage-smeared “Sugar,” is an easygoing rocker that acts as a standard for the record as it picks up the up tempo before jamming its way out. For the most part Friends For Now remains mid-tempo—if anything slowing down the speed with tracks like “In Your Room” and the title track, “Friends For Now”—and the vibe sustains a feelgood swirl from start to finish. Friends For Now is cloaked in a tremolo fuzz as the band waxes poetic about being young and chilling with friends. Young Prisms plays like there’s nothing worth worrying about. For now.