The apprehensive audience at Mercury Lounge was ignited by the flute call of “Rain Of Gold” as Canada’s Young Empires set flame to a fury of beats last night. Young Empires is Matthew Vlahovich on vocals and keys, Jacob Palahnuk on bass, Robert Aaron Ellingson on guitar and Taylor Hill, a new family member as of late 2011, on drums. The addition of Hill adds vigorous soul and thunderous beating to the band’s already perfected shimmy sound, self-described as “world beat haute rock,” music for your wealthy, attractive and powerful lifestyle.
Vlahovich thanked the audience for attending quite an early show: “We’re usually belligerent when we play,” he said. “We’re usually getting out of bed right now.” And back to the dancescape with sultry “Beaches.” The glistening keys called back the blistering guitar riffs as Vlahovich sang out, “To my lovers, to my friends, we keep on fighting ’til the end.” Spirituous synth glided along uplifting single “White Doves.” Vlahovich hung his head back in reflexive thought and cried out, “It takes a thousand miles to reach the stars tonight.” Ellingson and Vlahovich harmonized on the solo and wailed into closer “Enter Through The Sun.” The crowd grew comfortable and moved in closer for the advice, “You can’t fly with broken wings.” Hill laid out a throbbing beat as Vlahovich’s fingers wafted away on the keys, leaving the crowd shouting for, “One, two, ten more.”