The current CMJ chart dominators and indie-rock lifers of Yo La Tengo have released a video for the contemplative, melancholy track “I’ll Be Around” off of their latest Matador full-length, Fade. The record finds the group looking back on its history, so it’s fitting that the band recruited Junebug filmmaker Phil Morrison to direct, since he’s responsible for the band’s iconic and still-hilarious “Sugarcube” video. It’s also the band’s first “official” video in over 16 years—I guess that animated “Before We Run” clip didn’t count—so you know it’s worth checking out.
The oddly moving video finds Superchunk frontman and Merge figurehead Mac McCaughan playing the song on an acoustic guitar in a forest while the band prepares a meal together. Oh yeah, and there are bits of text from recipes and various Yo La Tengo songs all over the screen. It’s a head-scratcher for sure, especially toward the end when the cops make a cameo appearance, but it’s a beguiling piece of work. Watch it below.

And check out the classic clip for “Sugarcube” too.