At YACHT’s 10 year anniversary show this past Saturday the “Smiangle,” a yellow smiley face constrained to the form of a triangle and the band’s symbol of choice, was omnipresent. The Echoplex was adorned with dozens of yellow smile balloons, the merch table was selling Smiangle cookies, and fans wore pins, hats, and other DIY tributes to the symbol. All Smiangle everything.
The band came on an hour after its designated set time, and although the long wait didn’t seem to annoy the crowd too much, if you had asked anyone in the audience they’d tell you they were ready to kill opening DJ Jacques Renault if he had stretched his set any longer.
The show itself was filled with strobe lights, Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans jumping about and flailing, a slide show describing where the band is from, and Claire handing out life advice to those who asked for it. At one point a girl asked Claire what she should write her college essay about. “Oh god, not what I wrote mine about,” she said. “Write about something that means a lot to you.” The girl shouted that YACHT meant a lot to her. “Well don’t write about that, or do, if it really does mean a lot to you,” she replied. “I wrote about JD Salinger.”
It was that type of show. Another wonderful Evans moment came when Claire told everyone that they were in a Temporary Autonomous Zone by all deciding to be there together that evening for the concert.
For the encore the band tried to end the festivities with a bang by shooting a small amount of confetti into the audience and dropping balloons from the ceiling, but the confetti didn’t go past the front two rows and the balloon latch snagged when Claire tried to pull the string to set the makeshift Smiangles free. After a few helpful tugs from a roadie the balloons finally fell, at which point Claire grabbed a balloon from the air and kissed it with her signature blue lips. As the band took its bows Jona told people to meet the band at the merch table where they would be answering any more life advice questions.
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