Synth-pop duo YACHT just released the second single, “Utopia,” off of its upcoming album, Shangri-La, out June 21 via DFA. “Utopia” is a multi-layered disco/funk experiment that distinguishes itself with a rhythm section that lends it a tropical, island feel. On top of that, YACHT layers on pumping solos, dreamy synth tracks and the group’s signature speak-chanting vocal crescendos.

YACHT already released the first track off of Shangri-La, “Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire),” last month. While “Dystopia” is a dark, post-apocalyptic synth-pop anthem, “Utopia” provides a stark contrast as an upbeat, dance tune. If these two tracks are any indication, YACHT’s sixth studio album will be one of its most dynamic and versatile yet.

Shangri-La’s release is coupled with an insanely long YACHT tour. Check below for a stream of “Utopia,” and visit YACHT’s website for more information.