xxyyxx live, xxyyxx santos party house, xxyyxx CMJLast night at Santo’s Party House in New York, the French record label Kitsune hosted a marathon of a showcase that became, to a certain extent, a make-out party. The event wasn’t overrun by pashing couples or anything, but it seemed that at least two separate pairs were going at it almost at all times. By 2 AM, when the 16-year-old producer xxyyxx got his hands on the controls, only one couple mashed faces on and off throughout his set.
xxyyxx’s tunes were an assortment of pillowy late-night R&B influenced and bass-laden two-step, and they seemed responsible for the audience’s very public displays of affection. Earlier in the night, Selebrities ground out an almost shoegaze-y set that (thankfully) inspired more shouting-in-your-friends’-ears-to-talk-to-each-other than mushy romance. But when Giraffage dropped his Kitsune-released collaboration with xxyyxx, “Even Though,” one couple got so… um, worked up that the security asked them to leave.
Evidently, xxyyxx is more suited for a late night sort of a mood. His was a graceful comedown from the diverse Kitsune acts that came before, like experimental electronic group Selebreties, trip-hop beatmaker Giraffage and EDM DJ Them Jeans. For an artist whose burgeoning career has been so ephemeral thus far (xxyyxx stirred up music blogs and publications a few weeks ago with the release of “Even Though” and the remix of the song by Teen Daze)he has a remarkably tactile approach to DJing. Every twist of a knob elicits a notable change in the dynamic of the sound, like skittering beat effects and booming low-end experimentation. It was a solid New York debut for the young producer, who probably missed a few days at his Florida high school in order to be there.