Photo by Emily Korn

As per these kind of famed, swanky venues, photographers—and we had two of them covering this huge show—were only allowed to shoot during the first three songs of each set, so you’ll have to superimpose extra sweat on each image to get an idea of how epic this show became as it accelerated on. Minneapolis’ electro-gang, Polica, kicked things off with their synthesized sound, the two drummers beating along to the voice and sways of lead singer Channy Leanagh. They’ve only been around for two years, so it must’ve been utterly surreal for them to be performing on such a fabled stage, not to mention the crowd that was still filing in during their set.
By 9:15 the place was packed, and The xx came on soon after as lights traced their silhouettes across the stage (a more fittingly noir lighting scheme for their set, compared to Polica’s more day-glo beams). The xx is another band that is just as good, if not better, than their studio recordings, and they drew tunes from across their albums all night.
Photos by Emily Korn and Chris Becker.
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