Xray Eyeballs - Photo by Veronica Ibarra

The Xray Eyeballs will be serving a second helping of guitar clang and dark melodies this coming February on Kanine. The band’s sophomore release, Splendor Squalor, arrives February 28 and with a new lineup too. Sarah Baldwin from the Girls At Dawn and Fergus And Geronimo will be on drums. Liz Lohse of Heaven and Runaway Suns will add her guitar and synth to the mix.
“Die Little Love,” one of two new tracks found on the band’s website, is a bouncy new-wave take high on garage aggression; full of bouncy guitar clatter and a soft underbelly of synth. It’s danceable, yet with enough grit to satisfy punk sensibilities. The other track, “Gotham Low Lives,” is five minutes of tom and tambourine slow-stomp with Interpol guitar lines. More tracks from the new release can be found on the band’s SoundCloud, including “Scorpio”:
Scorpio by xrayeyeballs
The album’s mission statement appears to be New York sleaze. “Low-lifes, night-walkers, pill-riders and other sordid characters” are promised to us in the press release. We’ll leave you with a video of the new lineup doing a song called “Deja Vu” off of a 7″ the band put out on Hardly Art. Walking Dead fan film or PSA on public intoxication? Hard to tell.

Tracklist For Splendor Squalor:
01. Four
02. Die Little Love (Menthol 100′s Version)
03. X
04. Blue
05. Syrup
06. Gator
07. Pill Riders
08. Cold Bones (Golden Triangle cover)
09. Scorpio
10. Gotham Low Lifes
11. Summer Daze