Last week, the world was introduced to Wugazi via “Sleep Rules Everything Around Me,” the first track leaked from 13 Chambers. Now, with only a week left until the album’s Doomtree release on July 13, another track has been leaked, along with some more information on what exactly Wugazi is.

“Sweet Release” samples from Method Man’s “Release Yo’ Delf” and offers a glimpse into the upcoming album that is drastically different from the previously released track. Whereas “Sleep Rules Everything Around Me” embraced the contrasting dynamics of Fugazi and Wu-Tang and allowed each equal space, “Sweet Release” is pure rap. The combination of the two tracks leaves some questions unanswered, but if the idea is to make listeners curious, then the geniuses behind Wugazi are succeeding.

Until today, the identity of those geniuses was a mystery, but it is now public knowledge: MC, producer, and Doomtree founding member Cecil Otter and Minneapolis musician and producer Swiss Andy are the men behind the masks, or in this case, the men behind the mysterious leaks that have had Wu-Tang and Fugazi fans desperate for answers for the past seven days. Luckily for them, there are only seven more days until the entire project is unveiled. Stream “Sweet Release” below.

Sweet Release by WUGAZI