UPDATE: Since the time of writing, the internship listing that was posted yesterday on Craigslist has been pulled. Maybe the position(s) have already been filled? Did you get our applications, RZA? Why haven’t you called us back yet? Did you know that we make great coffee?

Although New York City college students can’t get paid jobs, we do have a bevy of exciting internship opportunities at our fingertips. Look no further than Craigslist, whose Staten Island page yesterday hosted advertisements for an “older twink ass,” a “kinky, white female with a strange fetish,” and a prestigious internship with Wu-Tang Management. According to WuManagement’s post, they are looking for up-and-comers in the music industry to send mass emails (“email blasting”), enter Google alerts into their database (“tracking progress of promotional campaigns”) and HTML-code their blog posts (“posting of content”). This probably won’t lead to you shooting the shit with RZA, but it’s likely your best shot at rubbing shoulders with everyone on the fringe.