Photo by danisabella

San Francisco’s Craigslist can be a scary, dark corner of the Web where innocence and purity go to die—but it can also be a great place to find a Ty Segall look-alike. In an ad that is “for real, brah,” some San Francisco dudes put out a call for a Segall doppelganger to crash a birthday dinner as a prank on one of their friends. “Whatup y’all,” the ad starts, and then it goes on to explain that the Segall twinsie would be hired to spend an hour impersonating their friend’s favorite musician at a Thai restaurant in North Beach.
What does a gig like this net? According to the ad, “$10, a meal and a beer” with an extra $5 thrown in if the real Ty Segall happened to come across the ad while perusing the “talent gigs” section of Craigslist. If the ad did attract a valid response, the dinner would have gone down last night—and if this post is any indicator, it was “so rad.”