During the second installment of Stephen Colbert’s three-part segment “2011: A Rock Odyssey,” record executive and, in Colbert’s words, “true genius, icon of a generation” Jack White agreed to produce and record for the spoof-news anchor. The segment, which aired on the Colbert Report on June 22 and will conclude tonight, takes place at the headquarters for White’s Third Man label in Nashville, TN. “Can you guarantee me the song we cut is going to win a Grammy?” Colbert asked nine-time “Grammy factory” Jack White. “If you could plan to win a Grammy I think everybody would do that,” White explained, to which countless underground bands responded “I do it for the music!”

During the final installment of “2011: A Rock Odyssey,” Colbert has revealed he will be collaborating with the Black Belles to find a goth-y “new look” for Colbert’s soon-to-be Grammy-award-winning record. How bad could it be?