Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman may be in danger of losing his prestigious titles as Wingstop‘s “#1 Fan” and “National Spokesman” because Rick Ross fucking LOVES chicken wings. He loves chicken wings so much that, as he told, when he tasted the sweet nectar of Wingstop’s lemon pepper flavoring, he knew right then and there that he had to find a way to get in on this delicious franchise.

The Boss, who name-dropped the chicken chain in the song “MC Hammer,” will open his first Wingstop restaurant in Memphis, TN, this fall to kick off what can only be the start to a long, beautiful and wholly un-vegan mouth-watering relationship. According to Wingstop CEO Jim Flynn, the Teflon Don will be “a great addition to the Wingstop family” because he “brings a huge fan base to the concept.” Although the concept of chicken wings already has a pretty large fan base here in the U. S. of A., at least we know Wingstop promotes traditional and wholesome family values, like heartburn, lemon pepper seasoning and being famous.