Earlier today, a 34-year-old Brooklyn rapper named CI Joe (or Coney Island Joe, according to the New York Post) decided to give his career a boost—by scaling to the top of a 20-foot-high street light at the corner of West 44th Street and Seventh Avenue. The guy put on quite a performance for Times Square visitors, as he freestyled, did some chin-ups and chucked copies of his CD at police officers, according to the Daily News.

After two hours of stopped traffic and cops trying to talk him down, the man finally decided the show was over, much to the dismay of the camera-wielding Nebraskans in the area. Once on the ground, he was cuffed and taken to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric observation. But don’t feel too bad for Joe yet: While he sat on his perch, producer Jim Jonsin, who won a Grammy for Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop,” allegedly offered to throw down a beat for Joe if he promised to remove himself from the pole. Joe, aka Raymond Velasquez, isn’t a big dude, but if Jonsin follows up on his beat offering, we’d like Joe to consider gaining 50 pounds and releasing some phat beatz under the name Roly Poly, perfect for chubby rappers who climb stuff.