Want a chance to kick R. Kelly in the nuts or smoke a blunt with Snoop Dogg? You do not have that chance, but thanks to Giant Thinkwell you do have the chance to ride with Sir Mix-A-Lot in his Lamborghini in Seattle, WA, or he might record a video shout-out on your Facebook wall.

Giant Thinkwell, a company that specializes in building hype for artists using social media, has created what it calls “a hilarious get-to-know-you style online trivia game show” called Mix-N-Match. The game runs as a Facebook application and asks users to guess things like whether Sir Mix-A-Lot prefers tongue rings or navel rings (Hint: Always guess as close to a woman’s ass as possible). Right answers award players points that put them in the running to “roll in [Mix-A-Lot’s] Lambo, punk your friends in a video or win an exclusive track!” Wrong answers prompt a picture of the rapper to shout something like, “Fall on my hand and choke yourself!”

Thank god for Mix-N-Match, which keeps hope alive that I may one day awkwardly ride shotty in Sir Mix-A-Lot’s sports car. Now that I know he finds STDs scarier than PMS, we have a lot to talk about.