Photo via Oscar De La Renta

The holiday season is over, but maybe you have a little last-minute shopping to get done for the budding bass-loving fashionista on your list. Or, maybe your grandma slipped you $700 over dinner and whispered, “Buy yourself something needlessly extravagant designed by a hip-hop mogul and a famous fashion designer.” Well, either way, you’re in luck! For a mere $695, you can own a pair of Beats By Dre headphones designed in collaboration with Dominican fashion power-house Oscar De La Renta.
The modestly-priced headphones feature the same crystal clear sound Beats By Dre is known for, but they also come with the added benefit of looking like they were forged by a team of Wookies hoping to win a “design the saddest and most decadent way to listen to the Skrillex/Korn collaboration while wearing ear muffs” contest. Featuring fur actually sheared from the decaying carcass of Clifford The Big Red Dog, the
headphones are guaranteed to make you the toast of your next shareholders meeting.
Added bonus: If you listen to Watch The Throne on these headphones, you will gain the ability to shoot 18-karat diamonds out of your fingertips, but if you attempt to pick up the diamonds they will evaporate into the air as the sound of Dre laughing to himself and not working on Detox lulls you into a numb, trance-like sleep. Buy now!