The headline kinda says it all, right? Bonnie “Prince” Billy, the alias of folk troubadour Will Oldham, has teamed with the good people of the Hawaiian-based Kona Coffee to release an organic blend of Bonny Billy Blend Kona Rose Coffee, now available through the Drag City website. There’s no word on whether or not they’ll soon be releasing a Lie Down In The Light blend or a Brave And Bold blend. However, there is reason to believe that Oldham likes his coffee “Black.”
Okay, no more horrible puns. Let’s get to the pressing, urgent question at the heart of this story: What’s the packaging like? According to the press release, “Each half pound of whole beans comes in a re-sealable black bag complete with a one-of-a-kind pink label to certify the clean body and fresh finish (and deep paranoia) you expect from the Bonny brand.”
Though this foray into the coffee business may strike some as odd, Oldham has a history of pursuing idiosyncratic projects beyond the realm of music. He started his career as an actor with a role in John Sayles’s Matewan and was featured in films like Phil Morrison’s Junebug, Kelly Reichardt’s Old Joy and Jackass 3D. He was also in Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” video, which officially makes him a modern Renaissance man.
Also, it’s not as if the whole “musician releases delicious coffee blend” thing is without precedent. Remember the Wilco coffee? Or, merely look to the Wright Brothers of crass yet oddly charming promotional tie-ins, KISS, and the Kiss Coffeehouse. They sell ketchup there! Ketchup! So, it’s your move, Will Oldham. We have a whole list of ketchup puns ready to go.
Watch the video for Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “Quail And Dumplings” from last year’s Wolfroy Goes To Town below.