Don't Wake Me Lucifer - Photo by Ben Venom

For those who have always been too hardcore to snuggle up with a comfy handmade quilt, San Francisco-based artist Ben Venom has the antidote: heavy metal quilts. “I’m interested in juxtaposing traditional handmade crafts with one of the more extreme musical genres, heavy metal,” Venom wrote on his website. Using old heavy metal T-shirts and a Juki F600 sewing machine (not to mention Satan’s blessing and tears from the members of lame neo-hippie bands), Venom sews huge and beautiful quilts.

His latest piece, “See You On The Other Side,” is a 13-by-15-feet masterpiece made of more than 125 metal shirts and will be on display at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center For The Arts starting July 8 for the BAN6 exhibition. Besides acting as pieces in art galleries, Venom’s quilts can be used for snuggling, coddling baby headbangers and as a reminder of what it means to be metal. After all, as Venom points out, “even the beasts of metal need a warm blanket to sleep with.”