In the latest installment of Lady Gaga taking over internet stuff, the bizarro-queen of pop has decided to grace Tumblr with her presence, giving Perez Hilton something new to rave about. Let’s see if this crashes the blogging site’s servers, like her 99-cent album download did Amazon’s. Called “AmenFashion,” the still-young profile is just about what you’d expect from Mother Monster: some random, out-of-context snapshots with captions that do little to explain what the hell is going on. Exhibit A:

For those of you fortunate enough not to have seen the Gaga-themed New York City subway car (your faithful corespondent rode in it last weekend and is still having nightmares), this is probably a close second. It’s not all that revealing of a peek into the artist’s mind, but hey—who could really handle that, anyway?