It can be hard to get kids to do things, especially things that are good for them, like bathing, eating healthy food or reading. For the first two, you’re on your own, but Bluewater Comics has just the solution to little Suzy’s disinterest in literature: a comic book about Drake. Surely she’ll be powering through The Odyssey in no time.
Bluewater Comics, the company behind the Fame series of comic books that traces the careers of pop culture’s ruling class, is preparing to release its latest installment this January. Fame: Drake follows the life and times of Aubrey Graham, who metamorphosed from cheesy teen drama star to the extraordinary rap phenomenon he is today. According to Bluewater president Darren G. Davis, the Fame series has a higher calling than shamelessly hounding for a buck by rehashing the personal legends of the most trite people on the planet: They’re meant to get kids to read! LeVar Burton is probably kicking himself right about now.
The Fame series explores the inner workings of pop culture through the biographies of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Beyoncé and 50 Cent. Lady Gaga doesn’t have one yet—she has three (duh). The kid-friendly cover for the November 2010 Lady Gaga-themed issue must have done more than its part to “show younger fans the fun they can have by reading,” just like the Penthouse Forum. Joe Phillips, a comic book artist known for his homoerotic illustrations, designed the cover for Drake’s issue. If 50 Cent’s sparkly abs on this cover are any indication, the kids are gonna love it.
Bluewater Comics’ method of getting kids interested in reading is sort of like encasing vitamins in an inch-thick layer of pure sugar: put a few words on a page with a bunch of sexy drawings of celebrities. Hopefully, the kids will accidentally read something while they’re busy devouring the message that clawing one’s way onto the cover of Us Weekly is the highest form of accomplishment and an indisputable sign of human dignity.