A Reddit post of a sign listing the bands banned from WSOU’s airwaves, including such quality artists as Adolf Jesus, Mighty Sphincter and the relatively inoffensive Alabama Thunderpussy (AIDS Wolf and Vagina Panther didn’t make the list, we’re happy to see). Still, saying one of these names will get you suspended, but a Bieber spin will get you booted from the station. Now there’s the underground radio we’ve always known and loved!

Laugh it up, but also regognize that WSOU is one of the premier hard rock stations in the country and has long fought the uphill battle of metal vs. conservative religious institutions.

Former station manager Omar Ahmad spoke on a CMJ panel, 2011’s “Saving College Radio,” where he explained to the standing-room-only crowd that WSOU has worked out the delicate balance between its home university, Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ, and the metal focus of the station DJs.