Lee “Scratch” Perry, the Jamaican dub pioneer and former Bob Marley collaborator, turned 75 this year. He’s dropped some incredible word bombs on us in his more than seven decades of existence, and in honor of this week’s release of his latest album, Rise Again, we would like to share with you some of our favorite Perry zingers.

1. I Am The Winternet

“Because you program my internet, and I am the real winter, winternet. I am the winternet, and you created my internet. So my winternet is now in your internet. My winternet is my autumn and my summer and my winter and my springnet. My four season net are now in your internet.

– 1997, The Upsetter

2. MJ And The Man In The Mirror

“When Michael Jackson sees the man in the mirror he starts to complain about his nose—that it’s not pretty. So he talks to the man in the mirror, and the man in the mirror says that he has to change his ways, but I think he thought the man in the mirror said to change his nose.
– 2008, Dazed Digital

3. Heart, Hair And Head

“I believe in my heart. My heart fear no dread. My heart have no fear. My hair is on my head.”

– 2007, Street Press Australia

4. Perry’s New Pick-Me-Up

“Japanese food give you good mood”
– “Inakaya (Japanese Food)” from 2011’s Rise Again

5. Respect Your Output

“The rain holds the sky, the rain goes in the water, we swim in the water, we piss in the water, and we drink the water. To live, we must piss and shit the water out. I believe in my piss. I believe in my shit.”
– 2010, Rolling Stone

1985 Interview With Jools Holland