Portland-based experimental folk band Wooden Indian Burial Ground is back with a new 10″ set to be released August 16 via Mon Amie. It’s been three years and several band members since Wooden Indian Burial Ground’s debut LP, but since then the band has found a comfortable line-up and record label.
The 10″, titled Holy Mountain/Sunbeams And The Cosmic Ascent To Nowheresville, will provide more of the whimsical, psycho-stoner folk rock for which the band is known. If the video for the track “Funeral For The Flowers 2” tells us anything, it’s that Justin D. Fowler is back to his gypsy rock antics. The video features a garden gnome who comes to life in order to stroll sidewalks and drink whiskey. Naturally.

Wooden Indian Burial Ground will be playing a free 10″ release show August 16 with Run-On-Sentence at the Bunk Bar in Portland. No other tour dates have been announced yet.