Norwegian-based hardcore band Wolves Like Us has just signed to heavy metal label Prosthetic Records. According to the label, the band is in the studio now and plans for the album to come out sometime in early summer but a specific date for the release for the debut album, Late Love has yet to be announced.

Though the band has only been together for about a year, big things are already in the works. Wolves Like Us played a showcase at Oslo’s OYA Festival last year and will be returning this year with a main stage slot. OYA is one of Norway’s biggest music festivals, this year featuring the country’s biggest acts as well as international stars like M.I.A., LCD Soundsystem, and Iggy And The Stooges.

In a press release, WLU drummer Jonas Thire commented on the slight difference between his band and the other acts signed to Prosthetic by saying “even if we are a slightly more melodic outfit, we all share the passion for hardcore, metal and hard rock,” adding that the band is “looking forward to the years to come and a great relationship. ”