Sugar Ransom (via Facebook)

Sugar Ransom (via Facebook)

Each week the CMJ staff sifts through thousands of radio playlists that contribute to the weekly CMJ charts. In the Chart Discovery column, we highlight exciting artists, albums and songs brought to our attention by the charts of our reporting panel of college and non-commercial radio stations. This round’s picks come via WKNC in Raleigh, NC, and WMSE in Milwaukee, WI.


Wing Dam on WKNC

Sunny pop harmonies over fuzzy guitar riffs and driving drums from Baltimore-based Wing Dam snag the No. 23 spot on WKNC’s Radio 200 Top 30 this week.


Sugar Ransom on WMSE

WMSE’s No. 19 pick, Sugar Ransom, blends melancholy with elements of blues, western and folk. Steady drums, lush vocals and plenty of acoustic guitar make Mercy Hunt, this Milwaukee-based songstress’s newest offering, sound like a drive down a dusty Western road in a vintage convertible or a fading film reel of some long ago moment.