Little Red - Photo by Corinne Bagish

Australian outfit Little Red brought a smooth, melodic and prompt start to Wednesday’s Windish Showcase at Pianos. Funky and thoughtful little touches—harmonica intros, pipe organ effects—were integrated seamlessly, almost organically, into the set.
Cloud Nothings followed. Punky lo-fi accented with lots of feedback was pumped up by frontman Dylan Baldi’s brazen shredding. Cloud Nothings made sure to play around with the music. It slowed down, sped up and went into discordant noise for contemplation. This noise came off as slightly spooky and mainly slow moving, but it was not at all lacking in intensity. Songs with pop hooks stood out: Cloud Nothings seemed particularly confident in executing these numbers.
Duo Exitmusic performed as a four-piece and refocused the tone to a somber, acute level. A whispering onset of ringing made resonant indie darkness accessible to a completely packed room. Lead vocalist Aleksa Palladino had a commanding presence softened by delicate details (breathy accents, shyness when she asked for less guitar). Understated electronic elements added ghostly traces.