Cuckoo Chaos - Photo by Corinne Bagish

Cuckoo Chaos of San Diego had an interesting Friday in New York City. It found an abandoned purse in Central Park, nearly got arrested for attempting to return said purse and then proceeded to play Windish’s showcase at Mercury Lounge. Despite this law debacle, Cuckoo Chaos managed to put on a gentle performance chock full of high-reaching notes, fluttery guitar and harmonies reminiscent of Simon And Garfunkel. Bursts of effects spiced up the set, breaking up a mostly clean performance. A faulty guitar jack was the only issue in an otherwise smooth set.

Electric Guest - Photo by Corinne Bagish

Electric Guest was next. Although petite frontman Asa Taccone encouraged the crowd to dance, he himself supplied more than enough groove factor to fill the room. Armed with nothing but the occasional tambourine, Taccone supplied skilled, impassioned vocals to retro romantic indie pop—with a self-aware sense of humor. “Hey it’s an intimate moment…it’s just us,” Taccone whispered to the sizable crowd.

Gauntlet Hair - Photo by Corinne Bagish

Gauntlet Hair braved the stage short a guitar player. It appropriately opened with “Keep Time,” the first track off of the band’s self-titled debut album. Gauntlet Hair’s sound was a bit compromised; layers didn’t translate as well sans the extra strings, and nuances were swallowed in large, tinny sound. The band deserved a little slack though, as this was Gauntlet Hair’s second set of the day. Despite probable exhaustion (remember CMJ is a marathon, not a sprint) Gauntlet Hair persevered much to the crowd’s delight.