Bonde Do Role – Photo by Crystal Huffman

Things got pretty dancey at the Windish Agency’s CMJ showcase at Gramercy Theatre on Saturday night, and with a lineup like Bonde Do Role, Poolside and Com Truise, it’s no wonder everyone was there to shake it.
The night began with a little bit of Bonde Do Role. No, actually I take that back—it began with a lot of Bonde Do Role. The Brazilian act brings the energy every time, providing a total dance party environment to all in attendance, with special onstage help from “The Real Twerkwives Of NYC.” They performed everything from “James Bonde” to a bunch of their new stuff from their most recent album, Tropicalbacanal, as Marina Ribatski threw her hair around on stage and screamed into the mic. They had the audience bouncing up and down to their sweet Brazilian-electro beats, and it proved to be the perfect warmup for the rest of the night.
Up next was Poolside, who threw out songs soaked with synth-pop beats. They played songs off of both of their albums, including “Next To You” and “Why You Wanna.” By the end of the set, the stage was enveloped in fog, the colored lights were in full effect, and everyone was jamming. It seemed as though Filip Nikolic wasn’t 100 percent when it came to vocals, as he was constantly spraying his throat, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time.
Last but certainly not least, Com Truise graced the fully fogged-up stage to begin his set of amazing songs from his In Decay album, accompanied by some older joints as well. He opened with “Open,” and the live drummer on stage pounded away, leaving audience members screaming and fist pumping, dancing with friends and swaying back and forth with eyes closed. The set was chock full of Seth Haley’s signature beats, a modern twist on ’80s funk. It’s a difficult genre to do right without being cheesy, but Com Truise took the reigns and confidently led us into the neon light.
Photos by Stuart Solomon, Sam Rogers and Crystal Huffman
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