There’s a little video of a weather forecast on Chicago’s WGNTV website, and we’re scoping out this low-pressure system when suddenly, out of no where, in walks Jeff Tweedy. The Wilco frontman gets the weather reins forced into his hands by chief meteorologist Tom Skilling. Tweedy is a little out of his depth here but gives reporting the weather a shot. “Uh, it looks pretty good,” Tweedy says. “I don’t know, things could be worse?” So, coat today then, Jeff? Tweedy and Skilling trade quips about hair before Tweedy makes his exit. Not sure what he’s doing at a local TV station, but Tweedy is an Illinois native, so his being there is not totally out of the ordinary. The appearance does raise the question of what a music-oriented weather report might look like. We picture Skrillex dropping basslines as well as tornado warnings.