Reports began yesterday that rapper Gucci Mane is once again a free man, but the blogosphere can’t seem to agree on which Georgia penitentiary he was held in or even if he made it to the outside. Most reports say the rapper was held in Fulton County Jail (not DeKalb County Jail, as rumored) since April, when he was arrested for an active warrant for his arrest that charged him with a misdemeanor for pushing a woman out of a moving car. Unfortunately, heaving hos from a moving Escalade violated Gucci’s probation, so he was sent back to jail. His initial arrest occurred in 2005, but Gucci Man was thrown behind bars for aggravated assault.

Gucci Mane’s tweets on July 5 may have misled reporters to believe he was out of the clink. One such tweet announced a release party on the evening of July 5 at Club Onyx in Atlanta, but it turns out he must have been referring to the release of his new mixtape with DJ Holiday, Writings On The Wall 2, which he tweeted as a free download that same day. According to MTV News, the rapper will have to continue eating little pieces of ham that look like erasers for breakfast, because the Georgia Department Of Corrections ordered him to go to state prison after being released from Fulton County Jail. It seems that Radric Davis (as Gucci Mane is known to the Georgia Department Of Corrections) will go straight to the Georgia Diagnostic And Classification Prison in Jackson, Georgia instead of Club Onyx as previously tweeted.