A big congratulations to Brody Ramone, host of “Dirty Glitter” on WBGU for winning the International Radio Festival‘s (IRF) Best US/Canada College DJ Competition! Ramone’s submission was one of seventy-five entered to IRF for the competition. She will present her show, “Dirty Glitter,” at the 4th Annual IRF in Schloss Silhberg in Zurich, Switzerland on September 4-8, 2013.
Brody Ramone is a DJ at WGBU 88.1 FM, Bowling Green State University’s non-commercial radio station. She has been a DJ at the station for two years and also serves as a co-Music Director there. “Dirty Glitter” airs every Thursday from 9 p.m. until midnight. Ramone is pursuing a degree in marketing.
The International Radio Festival began in 2010 and strives to bring together music radio shows from around the world to showcase their programs in the presence of peers and industry professionals, the general public, and online listeners. The panel of judges assembled to decide the winner of the Best U.S./Canada College DJ included IRF co-founders Darryl von Daniken and Miguel Alverez and IRF’s Advisory Board headed by President Dominique Leguern.