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This past weekend, at Camp Lenox in Lee, MA, the indie music site The Wild Honey Pie hosted and filmed much of a crazed camping weekend for 120 lucky fans in Western Massachusetts at a kid’s camp and welcomed an array of bands to perform. In between the tunes were camp activities such as tie-dying tshirts, canoeing, swimming in the lake and color wars. The first day was Friday, but unfortunately, due to prior commitments (aka, work), we missed two bands. Lucky for us, however, day two on Saturday did not disappoint.
First up were Brooklyn’s the So So Glos, who performed in the gym and provided a fun soundtrack to a tug-o-war. In between filming, they spontaneously tried to play covers of Crash Test Dummies, Bruce Springsteen, the Strokes and more. After some more afternoon activities and just after the sun went down, Freelance Whales played in front of three bonfires and glowing mason jars that all attendees were instructed to bring to “preserve our memories.” It was quite a picturesque scene. Later that night there was a disco dance party during Great Good Fine Ok’s set which lasted late into the night. Lots of glitter, balloons, confetti, glowsticks, fun and dancing was had! Many continued the party in their bunks afterward, or almost got eaten by a fisher cat while staring at the many stars we all miss when back home in NYC.
Unfortunately Sunday was the last day, and all good things had to come to an end. But we all enjoyed the sounds of Younger Me while sunning on the dock or riding around in canoes on the lake. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, nor could have the bands, providing the soundtrack to a fun, relaxing getaway weekend.
Look for video footage from the entire weekend to premier on The Wild Honey Pie, and you can attend their next free event, which is taking place June 14 at Brooklyn Bowl.
Photos by Alix Piorun.