Good news: The Scottish indie rock quartet We Were Promised Jetpacks is back in action and preparing to hit the road hard before the release of an upcoming and unspecified new album.
Bad news: The band’s guitarist, Mike Palmer, had cancer.
Good news: He’s all better!
Today Palmer posted about his diagnosis and treatment on the band’s homepage, explaining that its hiatus after touring and recording an album last fall was due to the five months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy he received throughout the first half of this year. Palmer began chemotherapy treatment starting in February to combat Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system. According to Palmer, his ABVD chemotherapy treatment entailed receiving four different types of chemo every few weeks in order to break down and rebuild his immune system. “Chemotherapy is fucking awful,” Palmer wrote, describing the intense tribulations of his treatment. “Sometimes I would throw up when I tried to move, sometimes I wouldn’t.”
Thankfully, however, Palmer says his cancer never put him in mortal danger. “[T]here was no talk of anything more serious than the fact that I was going to have a couple of shitty months,” he posted. Still, he remained optimistic, writing that he got to stay home all day eating ice cream and watching episodes of Gilmore Girls. Now that his body produced a “shiny new” immune system, Palmer and his bandmates are looking to getting back on the road with upcoming “full-on mega tours” and the release of the album they recorded last November—before Palmer was diagnosed. At the end of his post, Palmer warned fans not to search for references to his struggle with cancer, even on tracks like “Medicine.”