Photo by Alex Eriksen

For We Are Scientists, it’s a toss up between a crazy amount of energy while performing songs and the comedic flair in between tracks that makes the group a sight not to miss at CMJ 2011.
Starting off with a heavy amount of bass drum that shook the Studio at Webster Hall, We Are Scientists swiftly broke into “Nice Guys,” off of its 2010 album, Barbara (Masterswan). Jumping and dancing around on the stage, lead singer Keith Murray and bassist Chris Cain almost knocked the mics over with the wild end to the opening song, quickly joking with the laughing audience and cheekily responding for them to “shut the fuck up.” Dedicating the next song, “I Don’t Bite,” to CMJ (because we are so awesome), We Are Scientists combined hearty amounts of bass, soaring guitars and Murray’s buoyant vocals to create a strong, driving rhythm that really got the crowd moving. Remarking that they were only playing it because the crowd requested it, the guys then burst into their smash-hit from 2006’s With Love And Squalor (Virgin), “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt,” to satisfy the hungry viewers as they echoed Murray’s every “Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh.”
In between each song, Murray and Cain engaged in a variety of comedic interludes, only enhancing the crowd’s experience, including asking an avid air guitarist in the audience his name, which was Barry, and commenting that Murray was at a clear disadvantage because he was playing a real guitar. During the group’s final song, the fan favorite “After Hours,” from 2008’s Brain Thrust Mastery (Astralwerks), Murray dove out into the crowd as everyone egged him on, continuing the song as he jumped around with fans before quickly making his way back to the stage for the last chorus.
All photos by Alex Eriksen.
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