Photo by Hugo Leung

This week is social media week, which means that you have even more of an excuse to get on Twitter and Facebook for professional reasons. We’re doing our part during the festivities and hosting the excellently titled and self-explanatory panel Bands & Fans: How Indie Artists And Baby Bands Can Use Social Media to Get Noticed, Get Gigs and Build A Fan Base. It takes place from 4pm tomorrow at the Red Bull Space (15 Watts S #4) in SoHo, and registration is free. Knowledge is power, and power (according to us in this instance) is $0 dollars.

The two hour session will be moderated by our enigmatic personality and possessor of best hair, Rev. Moose, and features the likes of:

Ariel Hyatt (President, CYBER PR and Ariel Publicity)
Robbie Mackey (Senior Manager, The Orchard)
J Slider (Founder/CEO, Root Music)
Marni Wandner (President, Sneak Attack Media)

Here’s a panel description that we prepared earlier:
Congratulations, your band has accounts at all the major social networking hubs. You even have a mailing list. So now what? Artists of all sizes are realizing it’s not the number of followers that matters but how engaged those followers are with your group. Experts in the field will discuss common misconceptions that specifically pertain to independent artists and social networking. Learn how to leverage digital connections to book gigs, build a fan base and launch a career.

Register here. Now. Do it.