Back in February the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released “Sacrilege,” the swaggering, gospel-choir-filled first taste off of their upcoming LP, Mosquito. It was a pretty tantalizing hint of what’s to come, but now the band is back with a video for the track, and it’s just as intriguing—in a slightly creepy, Lynch-ian way.
The startling clip stars British model/actress Lily Cole as a small-town girl caught up in a complex web of violence, sex and good-old-fashioned moral hypocrisy. The video starts at the bloody, tragic end of the story and works its way backward Memento-style to the more innocent beginning. It can get a little confusing—I’m still not sure what the weird mask is all about—but it’s a sweaty, noir-inflected ride that fits the song’s delirious pace. Check it out below.

Mosquito comes out April 16 via Interscope.