Ernest Greene, a.k.a. Washed Out, is preparing to dazzle us yet again with his sophomore album Paracosm. Out August 13 via Sup Pop, the album promises to expand on Greene’s knack for swooning, psychedelic chillwave swathed in polished reverb.
As a bit of album foreplay, Washed Out has unveiled a video to go along with last month’s single Don’t Give Up. Initially the track was accompanied by a lyric video that featured simple text over a tropical backdrop. Thus, it’s only fitting that the proper video for Don’t Give Up is rife with slow-moving, color-soaked clips of fish, giraffes, flamingos, jellyfish, zebra and coral—animal lovers rejoice! The Planet Earth-esque footage perfectly complements Greene’s swishing synths and woozy vocals. Check out the video for Don’t Give Up below, and feel yourself starting to daydream of utopia.