Now that I’ve listened to Vic Mensa’s recent solves-all-problems mixtape, Innanetape, approximately infinite times, I’ve been waiting for something new to get me through the day. While I’m not sure if this is it, Mensa’s new collaboration with Clams Casino is, at the very least, a good reminder of the Chicago kid’s potential. The video, Egyptian Cotton, is the result of HP Computers giving the duo two days to make a song, a video, and decorate their studio, all while streaming the whole affair live on YouTube like some kind of internet commenter-addled 1984 scenario. The track is a brief mash-up of a jangled Clams beat with Mensa mumbling about uh, sheets I guess, and making his voice do weird things. It’s not anyone’s best work, but so what? I can barely do my laundry in two days.