Chicago garage dwellers Twin Peaks released their sophomore LP Wild Onion earlier this week, and it’s certainly worth a few spins. Today, the guys followed it up by releasing a video for I Found A New Way, the album’s lead single that dropped back in July.
The video is a rock ‘n’ roll homage to The Sandlot, the 1993 baseball flick that came out before any of the youngins in Twin Peaks were even born, and the baseball scenes are done comically enough that it looks like even 50 Cent would be comfortable jumping in and tossing a few innings. The song itself sounds like what might have come about if Iggy Pop, Thin Lizzy and the Stones grew up hanging around Chicago skate parks and DIY basement shows, and it blends the styles together effortlessly. Like most things Twin Peaks are up to these days, it definitely deserves your attention and a couple of watches.