When L.A. beatmaker Tokimonsta spoke to CMJ back in September, she revealed that her new album would be released on Ultra, a different label than her 2010 debut Midnight Menu, but she was insistent that it wouldn’t sound particularly different. “It’s not something super drastic, or at least, that’s what I’m hoping,” she said, “I think it’s really just a step forward.”
With the release of her new track, “The Force,” back in January, she gave a sense of what that new direction would look like by joining forces with legendary New York rap oddball Kool Keith. The track builds on a ferocious tribal drum pattern before drifting into outer space, with Keith delivering an astronaut-and-alien-referencing verse that ends with him insisting that he is, in fact, “the force.” And now there’s a new video for the track (via Fader), and it uses some wild, psychedelic imagery to get the song’s interstellar point across. It’s pretty out there. Check out the clip below.

Tokimonsta’s new album, Half Shadows, comes out in April via Ultra.