Stay away from minivans. Seriously, just stay away. That seems to be the lesson of the new violent, murder-filled video for Thee Oh Sees’ “Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster,” a sprawling fuzz-bomb of a song off the prolific psych-rock group’s latest album, Floating Coffin.
The clip, directed by John Strong, follows an ethically dubious young man who goes on a killing spree of sorts in a desolate parking lot. As the song’s propulsive, snot-rocket of a riff grows more and more intense, the video’s anti-hero finds himself increasingly backed into a metaphorical corner that he frees himself from by killing more. I guess once you’ve developed a taste for blood it’s hard to stop. Filmed in a crisp style, the video has a demonic energy but a wicked sense of humor as well. Check it out below.